About NTB

Servicing the residential, commercial and industrial sector, NTB, Inc. provides the highest-quality products and treatments designed to remediate and sustain problem conditions from weed and algae control, to odor and soil conditioning. Our products lines are technologically advanced to meet the harshest conditions whether you are seeking remediation of a corporate center cesspool system – to a backyard Koi pond – NTB, Inc. Has the solutions covering all aspects of biological and chemical intervention. EPA approved and non regulated solutions combine to assure top quality control regardless of desired results. We have the technical ability and staff on hand to engineer a solution that will meet the need of any residential or commercial treatment request. Our mission is clear – Satisfy our customer base and continued growth through solid service and accurate product-problem matching. NTB, Inc. Strives to trump challenges regardless of the nature and difficulty.

Whether you are unclogging an old septic tank system, maintaining a new corporate park pond or looking to service a central modern wastewater treatment and reclamation system, NTB, Inc. has the solution. We are here to assist in making the best decision for your individual needs. We have the ability to custom engineer a product for your particular situation regardless of the application.

The bottom line is that if your home, golf course, strip mall, school, corporate center or farm has issues requiring solid biological or chemical remediation issues that need professional attention, contact NTB, Inc. for the best custom technical superior engineered treatment solutions designed for your unique situation.